Friday, 2 November 2012

My Shed

My shed by zoeinbrussels
My shed, a photo by zoeinbrussels on Flickr.


I own a Shed.

Ye Gads, it's that time of the year again.

It's cold, it's wet, it's dark. And then you go outside and it's warmer, drier and the sun is shining. It's called Winter. Getting up in the morning isn't quite so bleak - yet, but the days come to an end very quickly. Around 5-5.30pm. You can't really call that a day, can you?


The Parental Unit visited in April. It was good. What was better was that they brought flowers and left 6 bottles of wine. One must not complain. They got on with Richard very well - in fact, my dad and Richard really hit it off as they discussed their hernias and respective various operations over a rather good steak and ale pie. Richard's speciality.

And since then, I received a Shed. Oh yes. Mum and Dad bought me a Shed. Isn't that just lovely. A Shed. I'm just getting used to the word. Shed. It's half empty - or half full, but nevertheless, I own a Shed. No garage here, so I need a Shed. It's at the end of my long and horribly narrow garden and most of the things that should be in it are at this end of the garden, in the out-house. Or outside loo. It's time to migrate, oh yee empty boxes, lawnmower, et al.

A good thing about Crewe:

it's not far from places that do gigs.

So we're going to see The Quo next month. Yay, get us. Down, down, getting down wiv da kidz, like, innit? Or more like going down, down with the elderly ones two steps away from a nursing home. That's us. Kool.

We saw Mark Radcliffe in Nantwich in October during the 'Words and Music' week. Radcliffe was very amusing but I thought the small audience was a bit dull and didn't integrate with him enough - so I pointed out that 'Richard from Crewe' was here when asked if anybody came from anywhere other than Nantwich. Richard was mortified, got picked on all evening and I, "his controlling partner" (too bloody right, Mark) found it even funnier. It was an excellent evening. Richard didn't speak to me for a week after that.


Not until we went to see Thea Gilmore several nights later. Thea is a great artist - noted by most of non-Gilmore fans for her song 'London' which was sung throughout the Olympics and has probably paid off her pension nicely in Royalties. Despite having a stinking cold, she, her husband, son, Fluff, Tracey and Alan were great and I was very impressed by Thea's voice.

It's now November. I'm not growing a moustache or anything weird. Still looking for jobs - had a reject this week, the pain, and am looking forward to Christmas for once. It's also cold.

But I may have mentioned that.