Friday, 1 March 2013

In with a Bang

As the new year was welcomed in with a bang, bottle of Cava and Jules Holland, January crept by in a cold, dark and uneventful manner. I carried on volunteering while job applications fell on deaf ears. The Job Centre introduced this amazing way to apply for jobs via their website. You see a job that you can apply for so click on 'apply'. You then upload your CV and click 'continue'. The screen then tells you that your application was sent successfully. Well isn't that simple.
Where the fuck is the option to add a covering letter?
Oh. There isn't one.
Why can I not apply for the job directly from my email account?
Because We Want To Watch What You Are Doing.
Where is the confirmation that my application has been sent?
The Job Centre Website tells you.

Fortunately, I am on one of the Government's Work Programmes, one of those that the tax payers in this country are subsidising, I think - where else would the government get the money from to pay out the millions they do to run these programmes which, once somebody is on one, means one less-unemployed figure. Because you are on a Work Programme you are knocked off the unemployment statistics, apparently. Even though you are still unemployed. You can sit and scratch your head about that one for as long as you like but it won't help. The present government is in denial.

Coralie left for Vietnam with her boyfriend for 7 months at the end of January. She seems to be enjoying it although said she was sick of the food after the first week. That girl is so difficult to please. At least she is happy to be in the sun and heat.

February crept by. Dark and miserable. Slow and cold, reminding us all that it is still winter. The new Aldi near us started putting down it's foundations which means that by the end of the year we may be shopping there. Or not.

Richard and I went away to Aberystwyth for a couple of days to celebrate my 50th. I had a lovely day with fantastic weather and we stayed in a room with a sea view. Watching the sunset on the last day of being 49 with a cup of tea was succeeded by watching my first sunset at the ripe old age of 50 with a bottle of Cava. The highlight of my day was watching a red kite (bird) flying over us looking for food. Red kites are quite common in Wales as are other birds of prey so I would like to go back again to do some bird watching. Richard had my bicycle serviced which means that I can now get cycling although I miss being able to get on my bike and cycle inbetween fields. I was lucky back home in that sense.

The Crewe Lyceum has been taken over by a better company and so we shall be seeing Rich Hall and Jack Dee in May. I'd like to see Sean Lock too, but Richard spent the money to see him on tickets to see Wilko Johnson next week. Crewe has picked up in one area that I enjoy - the arts - but shops are closing all the time and being replaced by Pound shops - or in one case, a third amusement arcade. I thought this town was poor?

Richard has been keeping Hermie entertained as apparently, each time he picks up his guitar and starts twanging away, Hermie comes out of his welly and does a groove, or something. As soon as Richard stops, he goes back to bed. I had a son who wanted to be a rock star - it now appears that I have a tortoise that wants to be one.

Hermie, the Rock and Roll Tortoise.


Vicus Scurra said...

Excellent. Good to have you back.

~~Silk said...

Seconding Vicus.

Roger said...

I feel your pain over the .gov way of applying for work. I lost my job last year, used up my 6 months of JSA and now receive nothing. My wife apparently earns £32 too much per month, so we now can't afford to pay the bills.
They haven't offered me a work placement, but then again, they would have to pay me something, so maybe I'm cheaper being forgotten. Keep applying though Zoe, there must be something out there, even if no-one I know seems to be finding it either.
I am glad you are blogging again, however infrequently, as I did love all the 'twat' stuff, so I shall check back, no doubt as infrequently as possible. Best wishes, Roger.

JoeinVegas said...

Some time away for birthday - glad you had a good time (and Cava)

Zed said...

Thank you Roger - and I am very sorry to hear about you losing your job. It isn't easy and I do keep trying - another rejection email the day before yesterday but maybe, just maybe, one day an email will arrive in my inbox offering me a position somewhere. If it's 20p a week it'll be more than I'm getting now so I'll take anything that I can do.

It is demoralising and a sharp blow to your self-confidence, but it will get better. For us both.

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's good to see you here again.

Keep on looking, don't give up, one day, a door will open!

It sounds like Hermie can be put to work for you

Z said...

I have a blog friend who was out of work for a long time, finally found a part-time job and then had three interviews in two days and was offered all the jobs. He'd sent in about 250 applications before his number came up - but it does happen. Don't give up, even if you do sometimes despair.

Anonymous said...

You sound fed up Zoe. Why not go back to Belgium?

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