Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Celebratory Beer.

A celebratory beer

Thanks to thecatofstripes for helping me with my Flickr issues. The beer was actually in celebration of the receipt of the keys to my house last Friday - so it's thanks all round.

I have rather a lot of spare underlay going free if anyone's interested.


johng said...

Congrats Zed! xx

Anonymous said...

How in the names of St. Pauli and his girl did you find a pint glass in Crewe etched with a quote from Benjamin Franklin ("Beer is proof...")?!?!?

Crewe must be more cosmopolitan than I thought.

Anonymous, too

wendy said...

'I have rather a lot of spare underlay going free if anyone's interested.'
So do I - it's all that spare skin left over from losing a lot of weight.

Zoe said...

Anon,too - there were other quotes on the glass too - but Richard wouldn't let me nick it (the glass, that is).

Well done, Wendy - is it dusty and in excellent condition too?

Chaz from New Jersey USA said...


Just stumbled across this site. So glad you're back and that your circumstances are improving--although I hope that your good fortune doesn't lead to less comical observations!

Keith said...

Not really interested in the underlay, but if you have a spare shed going cheap. . . . . .

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