Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's infected.

Since 17 April, 2011 I appear to have accomplished quite a bit. It was a warm, sunny Sunday when I arrived at Richard's house with his parents, only to find that Richard looked a bit green and had, in fact, only just got home from A&E.

"I noticed blood on the bath mat after my shower this morning and my scar didn't look that healthy. Sharon took me to hospital again and the doctor said that it's infected so I am now following a course of antibiotics."

"Oh. Hi Sharon, I've heard a lot about you - thank you for looking after Richard so well."

Sharon had not only looked after Richard, but made the hotel booking for his parents for the night on my behalf as Richard was in hospital at the time. I think she also helped out with the storage people - but I can't be sure. Whatever, she was very helpful and I can't thank her enough.

That afternoon was spent putting all my belongings into storage - except Hermie, his indoor cage and outside run, a box of documents and a suitcase of clothes. Richard helped as much as he could and his dad and I did the rest with the help of a man from the storage place.

But since this day last year, I have....

1. Bought a house.
2. Decorated a house with a lot of help from Richard.
3. Signed on at the JobCentre.
4. Registered with the Belgian Embassy. (Only recently...)
5. Got back my belongings from the small storage room.
6. Been to Wales and neighbouring towns.
7. Been back to Ashford, Kent, twice.
8. Been on an Assertiveness Course.
9. Been on a photography course.
10.Become a qualified first-aider.
11.Started volunteering at Oxfam and 'Wishing Well Community Centre'.
12.Met an online (Facebook) Scrabble mate.
13.Been to France for a Family Reunion.
14.Had a visit from the Parental Unit.
15.Had a visit from Coralie and Tatiana.
16.Got to know Crewe a bit.
17.Seen John Cooper Clarke.
18.Possibly broken my wrist. (To be updated.)

I still haven't found a job, but when I get one I think things will start to fall into place, bit by bit.

We had pizza last year. Tonight we are celebrating our first year together with a pizza and a bottle of Cava.

Thank you for helping me get through the first year, Richard.

Here's to many more.


Sharon J said...

You busy bee, you. Hanley next week?

Claude said...

Hey Z, greetings from the other Kingdom.

Glad to see you achieved so much in such a short time.

Belgium misses you, but we're glad you're settling in so nicely.

Are you getting a Crewe cut?



Anonymous said...


john.g. said...

Oooh, am i your scrabble mate?

Vicus Scurra said...

Assertiveness course? Assertiveness bloody course? Who else was on it, Genghis Khan, Alaric the Visigoth and Mussolini?

Zoe said...

Vicus, and your point being?

Inaie said...

Many more to come, YAY!

English For Beginners said...

Nice one. This is going to be great help for everyone whether it is for beginner or well versed in language. Thanks for this sharing.

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry, Zoe, didn't mean anything.

Z said...

Assertive is to aggressive as large is to obese - that is, there's not necessarily any link at all. You've achieved a whole lot, Zoƫ, well done and here's to a fab future.

stuart said...

Your blog is like a bus, don't see one for ages then two come together. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous, too said...

Stuart's right. When is the next post due -- May? October??

Anyway, a belated happy anniversary. Hope you, Richard, Herman, and your now-grown-up sprogs are all doing well and continue to do so for a long time to come.

Anji said...

Happy anniversary, if someone had said to you a year ago, you'll do all of that you wouldn't have believed them.

Would you be interested in a telephone job? I can put you in contact with someone if you like. You would be working from home

Guyana-Gyal said...

Buying a house is such a grown-up thing to do. I dream of buying one, a small one, 2 bedrooms, with a studio for working in, doing craft, writing.

Invader_Stu said...

Talk about busy...

Hannah Joy Curious said...

What a difference a year makes eh! :-) I was thinking the same thing when I realized that my bloglet had recently turned one. The love of a good man is a precious treasure, as is the willingness to keep learning, friendship and being able to notice and enjoy the little things in life. So woot woot and here's to many more happy years! x

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Sharon is obviously from Stoke, as she calls it Hanley. Congratulations on all your achievements Zoe, good feeling isn't it? (Apart from the broken wrist). Sometimes I think leaving Belgium was the making of you.

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